Leadership Wellness


A Case for Leadership Health

Our leaders are the political, social, economic and religious engines that drive the lives and well-being of organizations, institutions, states and nations. The knowledge, skills and experience to function effectively at this level are neither easily acquired, nor readily available. We think that THEIR SPECIES IS WORTH PRESERVING. Therefore, Leadership Health is a critical subject for the individual leaders, their families, institutions and the nation to attend to.

Statement of the Problem

  1. Most leaders today are challenged with chronic health conditions like overweight, arthritis, High BP, diabetes, general weakness and poor sexual health. Regrettably, they tend to suffer from denial, with dire consequences of energy deficit, reduction in life expectancy, and high vulnerability to premature death. They are also typically domineering, self-driven and head-strong, and generally inclined to drive themselves off the cliff with work and other commitments. They also put up with a wide range of health-related disabilities, the mitigation of which is possible, and capable of improving their quality of life.
  2. Most of them, on account of age, are past their prime in terms of physical prowess, and are riding the descending curve of physical energy and capacity. Regrettably, their very busy lives often results in sleep deprivation, long weeks and short weekends. Consequently, LEADERS ARE AT RISK and should be health-monitored.

The Proposed Solution

We cannot continue with business as usual. There is an urgent need to salvage and remedy this situation. Therefore, we at Hallmark University propose a two (2)-day LEADERSHIP WEEKEND WELLNESS RETREAT (LWWR).

We are passionate about Corporate, Executive and Leadership Health and Wellness, as well as their transformational outcomes for our organizations, communities, States and nation.

Our fundamental objectives are to:

  1. Offer quality insight on Wellness Values to enhance personal Fitness and Energy for effective performance and productivity.
  2. Develop Health Consciousness, and provide actionable Wellness Information and Education.
  3. Empower leaders to take responsibility over the improvement of their personal Health, and

    to contribute positively to the enhancement and sustenance of their Wellness.

  4. Enable them to make informed decisions about their Wellness, engage in Preventative Health practices and adopt a Healthful Lifestyle, for a more meaningful and rewarding life and effective

    service to self, family, organization, state and Nation.

  5. Get a quick snapshot of their Health Risks and Threats Profile, and design a bespoke personal

    roadmap to return them to natural and drugless optimal health.

  6. Encourage a paradigm shift to Preventive Maintenance, Healthy Living and Health Leadership by


Overall, the proposed Wellness Retreat Program will inform, educate, motivate and enhance leaders’ awareness, as well as their practice of a variety of positive health behaviors, with an emphasis on preventing disease, promoting and sustaining health, enhancing fitness, improving energy and vitality levels, and developing resilience to positively impact performance, leadership, effective service, and personal fulfillment.

More details can be found in the attachment below


Prof. Obatunde Bright ADETOLA

(Dean, FMSS & Program Director, Hallmark University)