Faculties & Departments

Hallmark University is fully equipped to provide holistic education, intellectual skills, advocacy and social responsibility. We are prepared to extend the frontiers of knowledge by creating a total man full of resourcefulness and ingenuity to be part of social engineering of our nation, Nigeria and the world at large. Hallmark University is student centered and extend to all persons without prejudice to race, creed, gender, or political leanings the opportunity to acquire University education in the sciences, technology and management. In Hallmark University, we encourage the advancement of learning and leadership by example is a must among staff and students. Management shall demonstrate discipline, hard work, high moral values, exemplary personal conduct as well as good conscience in the discharge of their duties.

Faculty of Natural & Applied Sciences

The Faculty of Natural and Applied Sciences constitute part of the main faculty established in the University. The faculty has eight Departments which include: Department of Biochemistry, Department of Botany, Department of chemistry, Department of Computer Science, Department of Mathematics, Department of Microbiology, Department of Physics, Department of Zoology….

Faculty of Management & Social Science

The Faculty of Management and Social Science constitute part of the main faculty established in the University. The faculty has Ten Departments which include: Department of Accounting, Department of Banking and Finance, Department of Business Administration, Department of Economics, Department of General Studies, Department of Inter Relation Studies, Department of Marketing, Department of Mass Communication, Department of Psycology, Department of Sociology…